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Silicon Valley Kicks Off First Ever Comic Con in San Jose
Posted March 19th, 2016
A quick geek peek at some of the characters that came out to play at Silicon Valley Comic Con including giant robots, wax figures, Cosplayers, Steve Wozniak,  other sci-fi celebrities galore and even the Back to the Future DeLorean! Read more here... …
Peter Greenberg Worldwide - San Jose California - January 23, 2016
Posted January 25th, 2016
"The Peter Greenberg Worldwide Radio Show broadcasts from the third largest city in California and a destination worth putting on your radar: San Jose, California. Joining Peter Greenberg will be Tim Ritchie, President of the Tech Museum, Mayor Sam Liccardo, Mark Purdy, sports columnist for the San Jose Mercury News, Ken Middlebrook, Collections Manager at History San Jose, Patrick Smith, author of Cockpit Con…
San Jose and the New Steve Jobs Film
Posted November 4th, 2015
"I grew up in the Bay Area during the time much of this was happening. It was a special time when Silicon Valley was the cradle of innovation. Mix Northern California’s “we learn from mistakes” attitude with lots of really smart, quirky, unaffected people and you get some really cool stuff." …
The Best of Silicon Valley - San Joaquin Magazine
Posted July 1st, 2015
"25 of our favorite things to recommend for visitors to do and see in the Silicon Valley." It's a South Bay love fest for the great activities and unique entertainment options that thrive in this destination known for it's tech but has so much more to offer. Read more...…
How to do Silicon Valley like a boss
Posted April 21st, 2015
" Devote a day to San Jose to check out the Tesla showroom and Santana Row, great for digerati spotting. The TechShop is nerd haven - get your geek on and play with light sabers, lasers or 3-D printers." Read more... …
Furries descend on Silicon Valley, modeling eccentricity for a staid tech culture
Posted January 20th, 2015
"Furries, the lovably idiosyncratic, non-threatening folk who cavort in animal costumes and descend on San Jose annually to mingle, learn and dance, are back. Further Confusion 2015, the convention themed this year as "London Fog: A Victorian Murder Mystery," kicked off Thursday." …
Can artificial intelligence app boost Silicon Valley tourism?
Posted January 14th, 2015
"After focusing on attracting convention business following the completion of the San Jose McEnery Convention Center, Team San Jose is now turning to some high-tech tools to help boost the leisure market." Read more... …
America's Best Performing Cities in 2014
Posted January 8th, 2015
"The top performing metro this year is San Francisco, up from third place last year. It’s yet another indicator of the ongoing shift to urban tech. Indeed, this is the first time that San Francisco has topped the list in its 15-year history, outdistancing Austin, last year’s top performer (now number two), and San Jose, in the heart of Silicon Valley (fourth place)." …
Showing 31-38 of 38
Showing 31-38 of 38 results
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