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Peter Greenberg Worldwide - San Jose California - January 23, 2016
Posted January 25th, 2016
"The Peter Greenberg Worldwide Radio Show broadcasts from the third largest city in California and a destination worth putting on your radar: San Jose, California. Joining Peter Greenberg will be Tim Ritchie, President of the Tech Museum, Mayor Sam Liccardo, Mark Purdy, sports columnist for the San Jose Mercury News, Ken Middlebrook, Collections Manager at History San Jose, Patrick Smith, author of Cockpit Con…
NPR's Thomas C. Wilmer - 93 Year-old Jimi Yamaichi’s life in San Jose’s Japantown & WWII Internment
Posted January 15th, 2016
"Japantown in the heart of downtown San Jose has been a vital part of Santa Clara Valley’s history since the 1890s.The first wave of Japanese immigrants (Issie), were attracted to the area for job opportunities in the burgeoning agriculture industry. The insular Japantown neighborhood provided Japanese a safe-harbor place to shop and socialize. Within two months of the onset of WWII, Roosevelt’s Executive Orde…
NPR's Thomas C. Wilmer - San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles – from Traditional to Cutting-Edge
Posted January 13th, 2016
"Quilts and textures, ranging from traditional to cutting-edge have been a part of the American fabric since colonial days, and the quilt remains synonymous with the pioneer women who crafted beautiful works out of necessity and as one of their few luxuries of time for creative expression..." …
The 9 Best Winter Mountain Biking Destinations in the Southwest
Posted January 12th, 2016
"The average snowfall in San Jose is a massive 0.0″. Ahh, now we’re talking winter getaway! Factor in January lows of 42 and highs of 58, with temps warming into February, and there is no reason not to ride dry dirt all year round here..." Read more... …
NPR's Thomas C. Wilmer - MACLA - San Jose’s Movimiento de Arte y Cultura Latino Americana
Posted January 11th, 2016
"In the heart of downtown San Jose’s SOFA District you could easily pass right by MACLA’s understated storefront and not have a clue that there’s a powerful world of visual arts, performing, and literary arts inside. More than 50 programs are produced annually at MACLA, showcasing established and emerging artists who are passionately involved in the Latino aesthetic, experience and history..." …
NPR's Thomas C. Wilmer - Historic de Anza Jazz Age Hotel in Heart of Downtown San Jose, CA
Posted January 8th, 2016
"When the blueprints for the iconic Hotel de Anza in the heart of Downtown San Jose were drawn up in 1929, the Roaring Twenties and the Jazz Age was in full swing, but little did anyone know at the time, that when the classic Art Deco hotel opened its doors for business in February 1931, the Great Depression was at its worst. But the de Anza held its own and thrived for decades as a premier destination for mov…
The Grateful Dead was born 50 years ago in San Jose
Posted December 1st, 2015
"Rock 'n' roll took a mind-bending turn 50 years ago at an unassuming 19th-century Victorian house on a San Jose lot that's now home to City Hall. It was there, on Dec. 4, 1965, that the Grateful Dead was officially born. Yes, San Jose. The legendary band forever associated with San Francisco had already been gigging in the South Bay and Peninsula as The Warlocks and before that as a Palo Alto-based outfit kno…
Happy Wanderer: A Top 10 List for San Jose
Posted October 29th, 2015
"The elevator doors were closing. With my usual frenetic pace, I sprinted across the foyer and wedged my body into the gap between the gray metal doors. Serendipity happens. There I was, face to face with Snoop Dogg and his entourage. Playing a gig at the Shoreline that night, they were staying at my hotel -- the San Jose Fairmont. After agreeing to a photo, Snoop and I parted ways. But if we'd had time to han…
San Jose's Happy Hollow Senior Safari Shines the Light on Positive Aging
Posted October 26th, 2015
"For each of the past two years, Happy Hollow has hosted six Senior Safaris for adults 50 and over. Once a month, seniors visit the 16-acre park free of children to explore its humble environs, meet the animals, and participate in physical activities ranging from tai chi to Zumba. At the season’s final Senior Safari in September, the park buzzes with elderly couples and busloads of older adults from nearby ret…
San Jose featured in Southwest Airlines Magazine
Posted August 1st, 2015
"Innovation runs deep in this dot-con destination, the unofficial capital of Silicon Valley, but there's more to America's 10th largest city than microchips and tech firms" Read more...
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Showing 41-50 of 53 results
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