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April 2016 eNews
Posted April 20th, 2016
This issue explores San Jose's Subcultures. These aren't trends, they're lifestyles; each with its own voice, drive and community. From the Fit Expo and Wow Cool Comics, to Cukui - where street & tattoo art meet apparel, San Jose is blooming with variety, diversity and awesome. …
March 2016 eNews
Posted March 23rd, 2016
In this issue check out the Silicon Valley Artist Laureate Celebration, the San Jose Museum of Art exhibit "New Stories From the Edge of Asia: Tabiamo- Her Room", work from sculptor Stephanie Metz, the poetry of David Perez, and great cultural events in San Jose! Read th…
February 2016 eNews
Posted February 12th, 2016
In this issue read about SJMade's spring series at Whole Foods Market, the Chocolate Garage, the iconic San Jose Schurra's Fine Confections, a survival guide to the Cinequest Film Festival and Savory Kitchen and check out the Happiest City (Hint - San Jose)! Read the …
January 2016 eNews
Posted January 26th, 2016
In this issue, explore District 3, check out the preview of the Screen Print Showdown, learn about local wines, the new tastemakers and explore "Super" events happening during the BIG GAME! Read the archived eNews HERE... …
Showing 21-24 of 24
Showing 21-24 of 24 results
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