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Team San Jose Launches Restaurant Week Promotion January 5-15, 2016
Posted December 29th, 2015
In celebration of California Restaurant Month, participating San Jose restaurants will offer 15 percent off from January 5 – 8, 2016 and January 12 – 15, 2016. “This is San Jose’s first time participating in California Restaurant Month and it’s an incredible opportunity for our guests and locals to experience our destinations range of diverse cuisines,” said Karolyn Kirchgesler, Team San Jose CEO. Here’s how i…
Waste Not - Young genius, nonprofits, corporate partners team up to end hunger
Posted December 7th, 2015
“Before, they lacked an expedient way to get rid of food,” says Kiran Sridhar, the 18-year-old founder of Waste No Food, “For a stadium or a banquet hall, it’s culturally unacceptable for them to run out, but it wouldn’t be efficient for them to every day call every single charity to find out who would take it. There’s a time limit. Food goes bad.” On the app, nonprofits get alerted in seconds once someone pos…
Expansion of San Jose bike-share program gets council blessing
Posted December 2nd, 2015
"Get ready to see a lot more blue bikes around San Jose. On Tuesday, the city council unanimously approved plans to expand San Jose's bike-share program to 1,000 bikes with 100 parking stations, up from its current 130 bikes with 16 stations. The expansion will be implemented over the next two years, according to a city staff report." …
The Grateful Dead was born 50 years ago in San Jose
Posted December 1st, 2015
"Rock 'n' roll took a mind-bending turn 50 years ago at an unassuming 19th-century Victorian house on a San Jose lot that's now home to City Hall. It was there, on Dec. 4, 1965, that the Grateful Dead was officially born. Yes, San Jose. The legendary band forever associated with San Francisco had already been gigging in the South Bay and Peninsula as The Warlocks and before that as a Palo Alto-based outfit kno…
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Showing 1-4 of 4 results