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September 2017 eNews
Posted September 22nd, 2017
Welcome to the September "Uplifting" issue of Visit San Jose & CONTENT's monthly newsletter. Robert G. Ingersoll states, "We rise up by uplifting others." And, San Jose has the perfect places to see the positive human spirit rise. First, the Silicon Valley African Film Festival promotes an understanding and appreciation of Africa and Africans through film. Next, San Jose has inspiring Downtown murals that …
A Taste of San Jose's Michelin All-Star Experience
Posted September 18th, 2017
By, foodgal Portuguese olive oil showcased in four ways in this dazzling cake at Adega. Carlos Carrerira beamed with pride last Wednesday evening as he started to introduce his daughter before the assembled throng of media and San Jose officials gathered at his family’s Adega restaurant for a celebratory dinner. “This all started when my daughter decided to skip UCLA and go to cooking school instead,” he sa…
Visit San Jose Makes Adventurous Food a Star at Convention Center
Posted September 18th, 2017
BY, JT Long  September 14, 2017 San Jose’s foodie scene has come a long way since three brothers living there in 1953 invented the Eggo Waffle. On Sept.  13, Team San Jose in California celebrated the first of what it hopes will be many Michelin-starred restaurants, at Adega in the heart of Little Portugal. The team brought in three other Michelin-rated chefs from New York and Portugal to cook with chef-owner…
Foodie Gems in the San Jose Area
Posted September 16th, 2017
By, Renee Blodgett  We Blog the World Ready to sample some of the best San Jose restaurants virtually? During a recent escape to San Jose and the greater San Jose area, we had our fair share of delicious “eats” thanks to the Team San Jose folks and some of their partners. We hung our hat in San Jose and Los Gatos, both of which we love for dining and shopping and they’re a stone’s throw from each other. The…
Michelin-Star Chefs Make a Grand Meal at Adega in San Jose
Posted September 16th, 2017
By, SAL PIZARRO | | Bay Area News Group PUBLISHED: September 16, 2017 at 7:00 am | UPDATED: September 18, 2017 at 5:08 am Five chefs from Michelin-starred Portuguese restaurants celebrate following dinner service during the San Jose Michelin All-Star Experience at Adega restaurant in San Jose on Wednesday, Sept. 13, 2017. From left, David Costa and Jessica Carreira from Adega; …
6 Delicious Places to Dine in San Jose
Posted September 7th, 2017
By, "themomjen"Posted from the Jen is on a Journey blog In between visiting great museums in San Jose, you need a few ideas on where to dine.  I know that’s crazy, I mean how you do you narrow down a billion choices in the area to over a handful?  I did, with help from Team San Jose and our amazing adventure in the city.  If you know of some, please feel free to comment at the end of my article, and here’s …
In California's San Jose Two Amazing Restaurants, a Vineyard with a View and Casual Hangouts
Posted September 6th, 2017
By, David J. Latt  Luxury Travel Magazine I headed south from San Jose, using my GPS to travel into the hills above Cupertino and the Silicon Valley. After twenty minutes of switchback roads that carried me through thick stands of dusty pine trees and across sunbaked hills, I arrived at my destination.Tucked into a notch at the mountain top, the Ridge Vineyards tasting room was surround by neatly trellised …
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