St. Patrick's Day - Sláinte!

Posted March 13th, 2017

By, Rachel Davis 
Team San Jose

Saint Patrick’s Day is fast approaching, and those of us with Irish blood can already feel the call of the Bodhrán Drums and the Uileleann pipes. Our feet are tapping out jigs, and we thirst for a drop (or more) of Irish Whiskey. We are ready to raise our glasses in a toast to Saint Patrick for driving the snakes from our homeland and sing a rousing chorus of Whiskey in the Jar or The Wild Rover. Be sure to end your toast with a hearty ‘Sláinte!’ (pronounced ‘slawn-CHA’). Meaning 'Health!' and the Irish equivalent to ‘Cheers!

Whether you’re joining your friends for a pint, dressing head to toe in green, or looking for some delicious corned beef, we have the perfect list of places to find the luck of the Irish…because as they say, “If you’re lucky enough to be Irish…you’re lucky enough!”

  1. O’Flaherty’s Irish Pub Lovingly known as O’Flat’s by locals, this traditional Irish pub will be celebrating in style starting at 9AM to closing. They’ll have the makings of a real party featuring authentic Irish food, live Irish music and even Irish dancers.
  1. Five Points Partnering with O’Flaherty’s, 5 points (named after the romantically notorious and most dangerous neighborhood in New York) will be pulling out the stops with patio seating, serving up green beer, Guinness, Irish car bombs, loads of Jameson and awesome St. Patrick’s Day-themed cocktails (not to mention food, live music and dancers)!
  1. Rosie McCann’s Rosie’s is another classic Irish Pub that will be making you long for the cliffs of Moher with their corned beef, Shepherd Pie, Guinness and of course Jameson. They ask you to wear green, of course, and be ready to have a pint!
  1. V Bar Santana Row If you’re hitting up Rosie’s in Santana Row you might as well travel down the way to V Bar as well. They’ve got some lucky deals going with $7 Irish Mules and $6 Guinness Drafts. You may end up needing a room with all the Irish Whiskey you’ll be enjoying…isn’t it lucky V Bar is at the Hotel Valencia?


Remember to be safe and take a taxi home as well! Bay Area law firm GJEL is willing to reimburse anyone in the San Jose and Tri-Valley areas up to $30 to stay safe on St. Patrick’s Day by participating in the Drink and Alive Free Cab Ride Program.

However you choose to make merry on Saint Patrick’s Day, if you choose to heat your blood with music and whiskey, if you want to dance to enchanting music and eat delicious food, you’ll find incredible places in San Jose.

"May the winds of fortune sail you,
May you sail a gentle sea.
May it always be the other guy
who says, "this drink's on me!"


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