Waste Not - Young genius, nonprofits, corporate partners team up to end hunger

Posted December 7th, 2015
“Before, they lacked an expedient way to get rid of food,” says Kiran Sridhar, the 18-year-old founder of Waste No Food, “For a stadium or a banquet hall, it’s culturally unacceptable for them to run out, but it wouldn’t be efficient for them to every day call every single charity to find out who would take it. There’s a time limit. Food goes bad.” On the app, nonprofits get alerted in seconds once someone posts a notice online. Ewell Sterner, the director of food and beverages for Team San Jose, which runs the San Jose McEnery Convention Center, launched an initiative called Hunger at Home three years ago to donate unused food from hotels and venues to local nonprofits. He has since merged that effort with Feeding Silicon Valley and ramped up its efficacy by using the mobile app. “This is what caring communities do—work well, work smarter, and work for good...”