FanimeCon enjoys bringing together the fan side and the industry side of Japanese entertainment. Guests are brought in from many different medias for fans to meet and enjoy. From voice actors, animators, industry and authors, FanimeCon offers a variety of guests. These guests have fun at the convention themselves. Allowing autographs, taking parts in shows and even hosting their own panels; they will take you on incredible adventures and allow you to learn more about them.

FanimeCon (also known as simply Fanime) is an annual anime convention run by the Anime Resource Group (ARG). It is the largest anime convention in Northern California and one of the ten largest anime conventions in North America. It's held every year at the San Jose Convention Center in Downtown San Jose. FanimeCon is its own entity where it takes not one, but many people to bring it together. Fans from across California and beyond band together and bring life into one of the largest anime conventions in the state. From the staffers, volunteers, and attendees, one passion brings them together.

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