Flavor of San Jose

Although San Jose is a big city with a small town charm, it’s definitely a major urban melting pot (or a tossed salad if you are a vegetarian). We are curious about other cultures, and like having diverse neighborhoods with an ethnic flair.

If you’re thinking “yeah, every tourist office says that,” we don’t blame you. We can back it up though with data. In fact:

  • San Jose Residents speak more than 56 different languages
  • The census bureau shows the demographics are: 33% white, 32.1% Hispanic, 28% Asian and 2.8% African-American
  • Japantown - one of only three in the U.S. - and the Japanese Friendship Garden are popular stops for visitors.
  • The outstanding Biblioteca Latinoamericana holds one of the largest collections of Spanish language materials in Northern California.
  • Home to the biggest Vietnamese community outside of Vietnam, San Jose has the nation's first Vietnamese Heritage Garden and Historical Museum.
  • Year-round, San Jose sponsors many cultural festivals, such as the San Jose Mariachi and Mexican Heritage Festival
  • Numerous ethnic chambers of commerce are active in the community


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