Fun Facts

Bet You Didn’t Know San Jose is…

  • The oldest civilian settlement in California, founded in 1777
  • The site of the first state capital
  • Northern California's largest city, population of 945,000 (2005 census)
  • The third largest city in California
  • The tenth largest city in the nation
  • One of the top three Safest Big Cities in America
  • The largest concentration of technology expertise in the world, with 6,600 technology companies
  • Very pet friendly, featuring six fabulous dog parks WOOF!

Lay of the Land…

  • The highest elevation is 4,372 feet at Copernicus Peak on Mount Hamilton in the Diablo Range; on a clear day the view east from the peak can stretch all the way to the Sierra Nevada Range; locals say the route up Mount Hamilton from San Jose has 365 turns-one for every day of the year.
  • No, we’re not in Costa Rica. We’re smack in the middle of the San Francisco and Monterey Bay areas. Covering 177 square miles at the southern end of San Francisco Bay, San Jose is 45 minutes south of San Francisco, 30 Minutes East from Santa Cruz and an hour North from Monterey.

We Don’t Want to Brag, But…

  • San Jose boasts the highest median household income in the nation
  • More than half of the adults living in Silicon Valley hold a college degree
  • San Jose leads the nation in patent generation
  • San Jose State University (SJSU) is Silicon Valley's largest institution of higher learning with 30,000 students and 4,000 employees
  • The 154-acre campus of SJSU anchors downtown and includes the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library co-managed with the city - the first such partnership in the nation and the largest public library west of the Mississippi, displaying artwork on every floor
  • San Jose is leading the world in solar technology, alternative fuels, new transportation systems, efficient lighting and energy monitoring systems innovation. San Jose successfully pioneered many commonplace environmental activities, from curbside recycling to its urban growth boundary. In fact, San Jose is the number one recycler among the nation's largest cities, and in keeping with the City’s Green Vision, many of our meeting facilities, hotels, restaurants and wineries – even our airport - offer sustainable practices.
  • The nearby Santa Cruz Mountains were noted recently by Wine Spectator as the “most underappreciated appellation in the world.”The "Today Show" and "Oprah" recently broadcast a Men's Health magazine poll ranking San Jose as the 3rd place in the U.S. to find a mate
  • A recent story on places San Jose as the 8th Best Fitness Walking City in the U.S.
  • recently ranked San Jose among the Top 10 Most Livable Large Cities LA to Seattle Coast Starlight)

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