Higher Education in San Jose

San Jose State University

San José State is conveniently located on 154 acres in downtown San José, midway between San Francisco and the Monterey/Carmel area at the sunny southern end of San Francisco Bay, and is easily accessible from area freeways.

From its beginnings as a normal school that trained teachers for the developing frontier, SJSU has matured into a metropolitan university offering more than 134 bachelor's and master's degrees with 110 concentrations.

Find out more at: http://www.sjsu.edu/


San Jose City College

Celebrating an existence that spans three-quarters of a century, San José City College provides San Jose and Milpitas residents with community college education of the highest quality. From its modest beginnings in 1921, San José City College has delivered its educational mission with integrity and vitality.

For many years, San José City College operated in downtown San Jose. San Jose Unified School District took over the College’s operation in 1953, moving it to its present Moorpark Avenue location.

A decade later, an independent San Jose Junior College District was created. In 1958, the name was changed to San José City College.

Today, the San Jose/Evergreen Community College District (formed in 1963) serves more than seven hundred thousand residents within its 303 square mile boundaries, including the San Jose and Milpitas Unified School Districts and East Side Union High School District.

Find out more at: http://www.sjcc.edu/


Evergreen Valley College

At Evergreen Valley College, a community college located on a 175-acre site in the eastern foothills of San Jose, we take great pride in our approach to education. We place our students’ realities first. For instance, will they need help with their language skills? Are they carrying other responsibilities like children or full-time jobs? Are they the first in their family to graduate from college? To all learners--those directly out of high school, in mid-career or mid-family transitions, and those who are enjoying their golden years--we offer a supportive environment that values their intrinsic experiences.

Fidn out more at: http://www.evc.edu/

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