Internship Program

Team San Jose Profile:


Team San Jose is the premier leader for promoting, marketing and coordinating the use of San Jose as a preferred meeting, convention, and visitor destination. Our dynamic, team-driven environment maintains the pulse on all of the events, attractions, and facilities within San Jose and the Bay Area. Team San Jose focuses on three core values, which drive our professional endeavors, business activities, and business function; empowerment, customer service, and results.  




Internships are programs that allow students to gain practical (hands-on) work experience and possibly academic credit at the same time. These are supervised programs of work and study which involve students working in Team San Jose’s hospitality, food and beverage, and/or convention services departments. The typical intern works 10 to 20-25 hours per week and perhaps more during the summer months or depending upon coursework requirements.

An internship is considered a para-professional or pre-professional experience which gives the student an opportunity to apply knowledge from the classroom in an employment setting consistent with the students’ choice of hospitality career field(s) or provides newer students with experience that will help them determine their professional focus within the hospitality industry.

The Internship Program is a field-based learning experience where a student is in a job setting, learning skills that integrate career goals with their coursework and major. The Internship Program is designed for students as a means to incorporate qualified and supervised work into their educational program and possibly gain academic credit while gaining valuable career experience.

Internship Opportunities:


Team San Jose offers internships in the areas of event services, food and beverage, convention services, visitor services, marketing, and sales. Candidates expressing interest in an internship with Team San Jose must complete an interview process.


·         PR/Communications Intern

·         Payroll Intern  

·      Sales Intern

·      Culinary Management Intern

·         Food & Beverage Intern

·         Sales & Marketing Analyst Intern

·         Accounting Intern

·         Events Intern




Team San Jose’s  responsibility is to incorporate the student into the business operation as it would any long term employee.  This includes:

      Defining the student’s operational role and responsibilities;

·         Assigning a mentor (or mentors) who meet periodically with the intern and offer assignments and shadowing;

      Assigning the intern special projects or analysis to complete, providing him or her with the resources necessary to accomplish the assignment and requiring the intern to make oral and/or written reports where applicable;

      Permit the intern to attend regularly scheduled management and non-management meetings;

Internship Hours:


Team San Jose offers unpaid internship for students with related industry experiences. Internship hours are coordinated with the intern and the mentor. Time limits are also set forth as based on college course work requirements and/or as mutually agreed upon between the intern and mentor and approved by the college coordinator where applicable.




The Internship Coordinator has the responsibility of posting internship opportunities where applicable, and/or following up on internship requests. The coordinator will pre-screen candidates and arrange for qualified interns to speak with department designees in further interview. The coordinator will work with the department designee or mentor and intern to develop a program that is specific to the coursework requirements (where applicable), the career goals of the intern, and the needs of the organization. The coordinator will track and monitor the work progress of the interns.




The department or department designee will be responsible for partnering with the coordinator to plan and design individual internship plans that meet the needs of the intern, the organization, and address the coursework requirements where applicable. It is the responsibility of the department head or department designee to assign a mentor, explain the internship plan to the mentor and monitor progress throughout the internship in partnership with the coordinator. 


Intern Challenges

Challenges with any intern should be brought immediately to the attention of the coordinator and should be addressed first with the mentor and intern, then the department head or designee, and with the coordinator as a last resort.


It is the responsibility of the coordinator to work with the college internship coordinator (where applicable) in addressing viable concerns and prior to terminating internship agreements.


Applying for a tsj internship:


To apply for an internship, please submit the following:


1.     A cover letter that explains why you wish to work at Team San Jose.

2.     A resume.

3.     The names of two references and their contact information (letters of reference are not required and are acceptable).


How to Apply


·         By email:  

·         Please put Internship Application and the Department in the subject line (ex-Events Internship, F&B Internship)



Email submissions are strongly encouraged (MS Word or PDF only)