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America's (Religious) War on Sex - Dr Marty Klein, Author

While the United States is fighting around the world to free people from the tyranny of religiously-based law, a powerful coalition of America's government and Religious Right is fighting to impose religiously-based law here. One of the key places they're doing it is sexuality.

The battlegrounds in this War On Sex include reproductive rights, sex education, internet censorship, the rights of sexual minorities, and sexual entertainment. This War is using the issue of sexual regulation to undermine secular democracy. Since these battlegrounds involve sex, it's hard for people to take this War seriously, and difficult for people to object publicly.

A controversial, powerful book when published during the Bush Administration, this second edition of America's War On Sex now challenges the Religious Right, tea party, and the Obama Administration. With dozens of examples ripped from today's headlines, Marty Klein names names, challenges political and religious hypocrisy, and shows the financial connections between government and "morality" groups that are systematically stealing our rights.

America's sexual fundamentalists want to replace our government with laws based on the Bible, creating a country in which "normal sex" is narrowly defined and no one has the right to sexual information, health care, or personal expression. Marty will show exactly how they're doing it--and why we must stop them.

Marty Klein, Ph.D has been a Palo Alto sex therapist, sociologist, and policy analyst for 31 years. Marty's six books have been acclaimed by everyone from USA Today to The California Therapist to the Playboy Advisor. Marty has been an expert witness, consultant, or invited plaintiff in many state and federal trials involving censorship and other aspects of sexual expression. For twelve years he has written and published the electronic monthly Sexual Intelligence, whose wit, passion, and research highlights the insidious challenges to Americans' sexual rights.

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