04/10 Tuesday

Have the Rules Caught Up With the Game - Mike Pereira, Fox Sports Analyst

Former vice president of NFL officiating Mike Pereira joined FOX Sports in 2010 in the unique position of a multi-platform NFL rules analyst. Pereira contributes regularly to the FOX NFL Sunday pregame show, FOXSports.com, and FOX Sports Radio. He retired from the NFL after 14 years with the league in 2009. If circumstances warrant a rules interpretation or explanation, Pereira is on hand throughout FOX Sports' NFL broadcast day to provide viewers with his exceptional insight into the situation and process in making the calls on the field. Each Sunday he monitors the day's NFL action from his own control room at the FOX Network Center in Los Angeles, giving him visual access to all games played.

In this talk, Pereira will provide reflections on football, concussions, and character.

This event, part of the ongoing Ethics at Noon series, is held in the Arts and Sciences Building at Santa Clara University.

Santa Clara County Library
Santa Clara University
500 El Camino Real
Santa Clara 95051