03/03 Saturday

Double Feature: "Portrait of a Zombie" and "Mimesis"

Double Feature: "Mimesis" at 9:45pm and "Portrait of a Zombie" at Midnight on Saturday, March 3rd at Camera 12 Cinema! Dress up as a Zombie, get in for cheap! Feed on flesh at Cinequest! Visit www.cinequest.org for a full line-up. Save the date!

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"Portrait of a Zombie"
Family is family, flesh-eating or not.

When a narcissistic filmmaker discovers the Murphys, an Irish family with an undead son, he jumps at the opportunity to document their story. With an amateur crew, he travels to Dublin where the word "zombie" is all too common. While filming, the community scorns the decision to allow their son to live, yet the Murphy's strong morals won't permit giving up on their once golden child. With the zombie epidemic growing and as riots against the family climax, the echo of lulling moans and the odor of rotting flesh are alive in the city of Dublin. How long can you stick to your morals when everyone questions them?

Why watch a horror movie, when you can live it?

Seven strangers role play in a real-life, twisted imitation of the original zombie movie, Night of the Living Dead. Drugged at a party after a horror movie convention, they find themselves trapped in a house awaiting the deaths written for them in 1968. Unsure of whom to trust, these victims of a sadistic game must outsmart their undead captors. Yet, the results are far from the expected.

Santa Clara County Library
Camera 12
201 S 2nd Street
San Jose 95113
Dress up as a Zombie, get in for cheap!For more on pricing, see Official Site.

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