08/03 Friday - 08/04 Saturday

Sariling Atin V - Dance Production

The stage at the San Jose Repertory Theatre will come alive with diverse and favorite dances of the Philippines in “Sariling Atin V”, a dance and music production by Hiyas Philippine Folk Dance Company. On Friday, August 3 and Saturday, August 4 at 8pm some of the finest talent from the South Bay will exhibit their expertise and creative skills in this fifth installment of what is becoming a popular series. Featuring dancers representing the five major dance forms of the Philippines, the focus is on presenting selections from Hiyas' favorite traditional dances acquired throughout the years.

In its 9th season offering, "Sariling Atin V" is a nostalgic look at Hiyas Philippine Folk Dance Company’s repertoire of folk dances. "Sariling Atin", translated as a "our own" will give its audiences another glimpse at pieces presented only once or twice before; it will include hidden treasures such as the "Tarek-tek" from Mt. Data in Benguet province inhabited by the wild and colorful woodpeckers of the region and "Noche de Gala", a fiery jota favored by the elite and performed in the old mansions of Manila arranged and orchestrated by Hiyas Music Ensemble rondalla and spot-lighting the company’s most loved dances such as "Tinikling" and "Singkil", both imperishable audience favorites and have become Hiyas' signature.

Since 2003, Hiyas captivates audiences with dynamic and dramatic traditional Filipino dance interpretations complemented by its authentic and lustrous costuming and live musical accompaniment. Under the direction of, Justin Kelly Mambaje, the Company continues to push boundaries, taking what is essentially folk and making it leading-edge and relevant. From its desire to discovering new horizons, while committing to preserving the authenticity of its presentations Hiyas Philippine Folk Dance Company, while always looking back to its roots, continues to launch itself forward as one of the premiere Philippine folk dance ensembles in the Bay Area.

With a promising cast of 28 zealous performing artists comprised mainly of first generation Filipinos, Hiyas is dedicated to the promotion and preservation of the Filipino folk heritage through its presentation of dance and music. This vibrant group provides the opportunity for its members to educate themselves and in turn, educate the community at large about the rich history and culture of the Filipino people.

Local singer-songwriters Jayne Baltazar, Brian Dublin and Jam Zumel will share the San Jose Repertory Theatre stage as guest performers for this highly anticipated Filipino cultural showcase. Each artist commands thousands of YouTube subscribers along with hundreds of private and public engagement opportunities throughout the Bay Area and abroad making them today’s most sought after internet sensations.

Santa Clara County Library
San Jose Repertory Theatre
101 Paseo de San Antonio
San Jose 95113
$15 General Admission

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