07/03 Tuesday

Sunrise 2012 Festival - Electronic Music

Sunrise Festival 2012 will feature Dada Life, Downlink, Adventure Club, Delta Heavy, and more! Held on July 3, remember that there is no school or work the next day.

- Dada Life (12:30pm-close)
- Downlink (11:30pm-12:30pm)
- Adventure Club (10:15pm-11:30pm)
- Delta Heavy (9:00pm-10:15pm)
- plus more... (open-9:15pm)

Enjoy a massive capacity, a state of the art production, and an awesome atmosphere. Everyone is welcome. There will be a Sky Lounge with full bar for all attendees aged 21+.

This event is presented by Midnite Events (http://fb.me/MidniteSF) and Vital Events (http://fb.me/VitalSC)

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Santa Clara County Library
San Jose Civic
135 W San Carlos Street
San Jose 95113
Advanced Tickets are sold out. $45 door tickets still available.

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