02/21 Tuesday

The End of Illness - Dr David Agus, Author

Dr. Davis Agus--Director of USC's Westside Cancer Center, Professor of Medicine at USC Keck School of Medicine, and Co-Founder of Navigenics--asks the question: despite advances in modern medicine, why isn't humankind better at curing illness?

In his book, The End of Illness, Agus offers a totally new way of looking at how to prevent and combat cancer, heart disease, and autoimmune disorders and takes on some misconceptions about vitamins, supplements, food, and the role of DNA. He also will discuss exciting breakthrough technologies that promise to transform medicine in our generation.

This event is held in the Schultz Cultural Arts Hall of the Community Center.

Santa Clara County Library
Oshman Family Jewish Community Center
3921 Fabian Way
Palo Alto 94303

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