02/21 Tuesday

The Perambulations of a 19th Century Interloper - Stephen Berkman, Tuesday Night Lecture

Stephen Berkman's presentation will guide you on a time bending tour traversing the highways and lost byways of his 19th century photographic "state." Berkman began working with the obsolete wet-collodion process, well over 300 fort-nights ago as part of a quixotic quest to re-imagine the nineteenth century through a series of photographs that would refute the notion of history being a closed circuit; instead history is viewed as an evolving work in progress, still receptive to moments of serendipity.

In addition to his photographic body of work, Stephen Berkman of Zohar Studios creates installation projects, which explore the era of pre-chemical photography both literally and philosophically through constructions that encompass optical projections and sculptural reinterpretations of the camera obscura.

This presentation, free and open to the public, will be held in Room 133 of SJSU's Art Building.

Santa Clara County Library
San Jose State University - Art Building
100 S 9th Street
San Jose 95112

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