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Municipal Rose Garden

A rose garden by any other name would not be as sweet as this surprising horticultural heaven just northwest of downtown. If you’re allergic to roses, strolling the rolling green 5 ½ acres of the San Jose Municipal Rose Garden will be thorny because hardly a day passes when some species is not in full bloom. If roses are a passion, there’s no better place to indulge, with more than 4,000 eye-popping rose shrubs and 189 varieties creating a colorful mosaic. Boasting an impressive garden of its own, the nearby Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum & Planetarium, architecturally inspired by the Temple of Among at Karnak, houses the largest collection of Egyptian artifacts on exhibit in the western United States -- including objects from pre dynastic times through Egypt's early Islamic era. Its educational Peace Garden is modeled after 18th dynasty of ancient Egypt.

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San Jose Heritage Rose Garden
San Jose Heritage Rose Garden

The San Jose Heritage Rose Garden is an unexpected jewel in the midst of a revitalized downtown San Jose, California; a five-acre rose garden that contains 4,000 plants. "Unknown" or "found" roses are an important component of a heritage rose garden. These are varieties found in old cemeteries, around old homes, or along country byways. Pending identification, these roses are given study names listed in quotes that usually indicate where that variety was found.Growing our own plants is the key that makes the garden work.