AFK Gamer Lounge

Neighborhood: Downtown
Cuisines: American, Beer & Brewery
Price: $$ ($6-$20 - food & drinks -- $5/hour non-member PC rental)

General Information

Why spend countless hours gaming at home, alone when instead  you could instead grab a drink with your friends and sit down for a match of League, Dota 2, or CS:GO? AFKgg is the best setting a gamer could ask for:  high speed internet, updated PC’s, and a table layout great for team communication.  Whether your own your own or looking to plan large raid party – we’ve got enough for you to get your geek on. Add in a full bar, full menu, outdoor patio seating and plenty of areas for other board and non LAN gaming and you have a gammers paradise!

Operating Hours/Days

Sun-Wed: 11am-12am
Thurs-Sat: 11am-2am
* Please check with this business directly to confirm the information listed here is the most current.

Parking Information

Pay lot and free and metered street parking available nearby.

Amenities & Services

  • Outside/Patio Dining
  • Dinner