Leave Your Sanity Behind


Jordan Zweigoron didn’t want to just make a donut, he wanted to “take donuts to the next demented level”.

Psycho Donuts opened in March of 2009 and immediately brought on negative attention from NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) and California’s own Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission for its insanity themed décor and donut naming convention. The attention served to boost the publicity of the shop and ultimately contributed to their growth, with Jordan opening up a second shop in 2010.

This isn’t your normal mom and pop’s donut shop. Upon entering Psycho Donuts you’ll be greeted by a padded cell, local off-beet artwork and eccentric “nurses” waiting to take your order. While most of the donuts are themed around insanity, such as the Psycho Passionata, Crazy Face and Comfortably Numb other donuts include non-insanity naming conventions such as Apricotology, Noses & Eyeballs and Nutella the Hun.

But it’s not just the donut names that are unique, the creations themselves are more than just your basic flour and sugar. For example you may find yourself craving the Hamburger Donut whose description is described as: Part donut, part pig. Sesame-seed donut bun, maple butter, strawberry jelly, & of course, strips of porky bliss! But don’t feel like meat is the only extra product, Psycho Donuts does offer a Vegan ’O Da Week donut special.

Currently Psycho Donuts has two locations, their main store and bakery in Campbell and their second location, offering beer and wine, in Downtown San Jose. You can find out more about their donuts and their bubble wrapped nurses at: www.psycho-donuts.com and www.facebook.com/psychodonuts

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