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Dad and Daughter in front of the San Jose Convention Center

Employer of Choice

Top Reasons to Join Team San Jose:


  • Be part of a unique and innovative model. Team San Jose’s model is changing the way our meetings and conventions industry serves customers - putting them first with one team for all their event services needs - rather than handing them off to multiple organizations after the meeting is booked. The organization’s seamless service has received raves from planners, with 98 percent of our customers returning to San Jose.
  • We welcome new ideas and initiators. Our corporate culture of empowerment encourages all employees to have an impact on decisions and contribute to continuous improvement. Everyone is a “leader” at Team San Jose!
  • Achieve work-life balance. Striking a balance between work and life is essential to our health, well being and happiness. With flexible work schedules, we help our leaders get more out of life and find more time for family and friends.
  • We recognize achievements and innovation. The work we do here is challenging and rewarding. We are proud of the achievements of our leaders, and our Recognition Program encourages ongoing recognition and appreciation of going above and beyond.
  • Communication is Key! We have numerous communication avenues for you to find all the information you need to be successful in your role, including department meetings, quarterly all hands meetings, newsletters, email updates, brown bag sessions, etc We offer great benefits and perks. Creating a healthy work environment plays an important role in building leader enthusiasm and fostering the collaboration and creativity.
  • We offer comprehensive benefit programs, competitive compensation, ongoing educational sessions on healthy living, and a variety of perks, including complimentary tickets to shows and events.
  • Doing our part for the environment. Team San Jose’s Green Team focuses on green initiatives within our facilities and within the City of San Jose, and work toward minimizing San Jose’s carbon footprint. All leaders are welcome to join this committee.
  • Be where the action is. We are located in the heart of downtown San Jose, surrounded by great restaurants, theaters, museums, and attractions - a place where the activity never stops.
  • Growth and development opportunities. While we focus on growing the economy of San Jose, we also focus on growth and opportunity for our leaders and offer sustainability and career development programs.

Team San Jose’s operational philosophy and culture are defined by our company vision: be a distinct partnership of Labor, Arts, Hotels, and Business leaders working in collaboration with the City of San Jose to deliver an exceptional customer experience. Our commitment to living our core values and our culture of empowerment are fundamental to our success.


Team San Jose Values:

  • We empower leaders in the Arts, Business, Labor, and Hotel communities to work together.
  • We are dedicated to an open and honest dialogue among diverse partners.
  • We are devoted to making San Jose a desirable destination for local, national and international visitors. We are committed to fiscal responsibility and accountability to the customer.
  • We are dedicated to providing a unique and compelling customer experience.


Our Cultural Values:


  • Thinking and acting as a leader.
  • Being empowered to have an impact on decisions and actions that affect our job.
  • Contribute to continuous improvement and the ongoing success of the organization.
  • Take accountability for our actions - ability to make mistakes.

Customer Service:

  • Provide the customer a positive experience from beginning to end.
  • Improve productivity by focusing our attention on the quality of our job, on the customer and on positive relationships with co-workers.


  • Having measurable goals that align with the corporate goals.
  • Clarity around expected results for each role through the organization.
  • Developing objective metrics to measure our performance results.


Benefits Plans:


We are pleased to offer a variety of competitive benefit plans to our full-time employees.  The company offers medical, dental, vision, short & long term disability, life insurance and a 401(k) plan with a company match.

Team San Jose is an equal opportunity employer.


See Career Opportunities

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