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Grace Kelly strums her guitar in the East Foothills of San Jose

Grace Kelly hits the streets with her new song, "San Jose"

Although Grace Kelly now lives in New Zealand, she spent quite a bit of time as a child here in San Jose. She just came back recently for the making of her brand new music video, San Jose. While in town, she reminisced about her fond childhood memories by visiting her favorite hang outs, enjoying the beautiful weather, and having a lot of fun along the way!

Grace Kelly at Gothic Fountain, Santana Row

One of her first stops was browsing through the fun shops at Santana Row and singing a little bit of her song for the crowds at Gothic Fountain. Next up, she made sure to stop at several murals in San Jose, including the "Little Moment" mural in Japantown and SoFA District's "100 Block" Mural project pictured below.

Grace at the 100 Block Mural in San Jose's SoFA District with her siblings, Nick and Maddy

Next stop was a drive into San Jose's East Foothills to the Sierra Vista Open Space Preserve, where she found fields of poppies and lush green hills surrounded by hiking trails with beautiful vistas of the entire Silicon Valley. Grace sang her original lyrics and strummed her guitar for the film crew while light breezes blew in the warm California sun on a beautiful San Jose spring day.

Grace at Sierra Vista Open Space Preserve

From scooter riding in Willow Glen to ukelele strumming at the Ukulele Source in Japantown, Grace's video shoot took her to amazing places meeting all kinds of San Jose faces. Whether checking out cool art exhibits at the San Jose Museum of Art or cheering on the San Jose Sharks during the playoffs, Grace was able to enjoy her time in a city she loves.


Grace and friends on scooters in Willow Glen

Grace hopes you love her new song, San Jose, as much as she loves the city that inspired it!

Grace with her 12-string guitar in San Jose