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ThirdSpace Fitness


ThirdSpace has set the foundation of their practice on the premise that humans need to be socially healthy in order to be physically and mentally healthy. The ThirdSpace Fitness program will not be simply a one-hour, in & out experience, nor will it be the leisurely all-day experience of a lavish spa. Instead, the members of ThirdSpace have access to high-level interaction between peers for motivation and support, trainers for coaching and guidance, and a long list of health and performance partners for education. 

ThirdSpace is a fitness and wellness center in the heart of downtown San Jose that offers a wide range of services focused on improving the quality of the lives in our community with a concentration on longevity and total health (mental, physical, and spiritual). Specialists in Yoga, CrossFit, TRX and other unique fitness modalities, the 12,000 square foot urban space supports the vast array of our offerings. “Goal setting” is the backbone of the company achievement as well as the method of supporting and educating our members.


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Operating Hours/Days

Mon-Fri: 6am-8pm
Sat: 10am-12pm

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550 South 1st
San Jose, California 95113


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