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Hellyer County Park Velodrome

Hellyer County Park Velodrome

Welcome to Hellyer County Park Velodrome, Northern California’s only dedicated  track bicycling facility. The velodrome has offered track bike riding and racing opportunities for beginning riders through world-class racers since 1963.

Located in Hellyer County Park in San Jose, the velodrome is part of the Hellyer County Park; a 354-acre urban park in the heart of Santa Clara County’s regional park system. Today, the Hellyer Velodrome stands as the only velodrome between Seattle and the Los Angeles area.

The velodrome is administered by the NCVA (Northern California Velodrome Association). The NCVA is a non-profit with the mission to maintain the velodrome and promote track riding and racing throughout the region. The velodrome hosts both riding/training sessions and races. Racing is most common from March through September, while sessions take place year-round. The most popular racing takes place on Wednesday evenings from 6pm to 9pm. Consult the velodrome's event calendar to see the upcoming activities at the venue.

A couple of the velodrome’s most popular sessions are weekly Beginner sessions and Junior sessions. The Beginner sessions are held on Saturday mornings. These
sessions are the starting point for all users of the velodrome. These sessions are led by supervisors experienced in introducing attendees to the sport of track cycling. The Junior sessions are for only Junior riders, with the goal of introducing them to a wide variety of track cycling drills and simulated races. The velodrome is also available for private group sessions. Over the years, many bike clubs, youth organizations and companies have held group sessions. Special purpose track (fixed gear) bicycles are used at the velodrome. The NCVA maintains a fleet of rental bicycles to outfit any size rider.

Hours vary so check the Velodrome calendar


985 Hellyer Avenue
San Jose, CA 95111