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  • Exterior image of the Five Wounds Portuguese National Parish in Little Portugal
  • Dish from ADEGA Michelin star restaurant in San Jose

Little Portugal

Located between 33rd street and Highway 101, Little Portugal features a variety of delicious eateries, beautiful architecture, and rich history. Many of its businesses have been in the area for generations, making it one of the most established neighborhoods in San Jose.

Five Wounds Portuguese National Parish is the heart of Little Portugal, with its majestic soaring towers and beautiful stained glass windows. It has been serving the Catholic Portuguese community since 1914. The church is one of the most photographed, sketched, and painted buildings in the city. It was founded and run by Portuguese immigrants who then settled in the nearby neighborhood.

ADEGA restaurant, the crowning jewel of Little Portugal, has been awarded the first Michelin star in San Jose, and is the second Portuguese restaurant in the country to be recognized with one. ADEGA is family-owned and operated by Portugal natives Carlos and Fernanda Carreira. ADEGA, meaning wine cellar in Portuguese, is also known for its outstanding wine list. They offer the largest selection of Portuguese wines outside of Portugal.

Ladies dining in the upscale Michelin-star restaurant, Adega
Adega Restaurant


Popular Bakery is one of the best bakeries in the city and is traditionally Portuguese. It features queijadas (Portuguese Tarts) with classic flavors such as pastel de nata (custard), orange, and even bean. Just down the street from ADEGA, it stands as the best place to grab a dessert to take home, or pair with coffee from Café do Canto – the café is located on the corner of the neighborhood and is reminiscent of cafes you’d find on every corner in Lisbon.

Popular Bakery queijadas (Portuguese tarts)



Local Favorites


Popular Bakery

Highly recommend their Pastéis de Nata!

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