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  • Thousands of roses and hundreds of varietals blooming around the waterfountain in the Municipal Rose Garden
  • A beautiful fountain in the peace garden at the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum.
  • Top view of a table loaded with delicious lunch dishes and friends at Park Station Hashery.
  • A folklorico group dancing and posing for pictures with the roses at the Municipal Rose Garden.
  • The front entrance of the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum
  • Close up of purple roses and redwood trees inside the stunning Municipal Rose Garden.
  • Red roses blooming and surrounding the cascading fountain of the Municipal Rose Garden.

Rose Garden

If you admire architecture and appreciate the essence of historic design, then add the Rose Garden neighborhood to your must-see list. This quiet and beautifully manicured residential area is one of San Jose’s oldest neighborhoods, complete with famous architecturally designed homes dating back to the 1800s.

San Jose Municipal Rose Garden is the cornerstone of the neighborhood and was deemed “America’s Best Rose Garden.” The 5½ acre garden features more than 3,500 rose shrubs with nearly 200 varieties represented year-long. If you like colorful surroundings and serenity, take your camera and go enjoy a relaxing stroll or picnic under a redwood on the lush grass.

Dancers in tradition Mexican dresses dancing among thousands of rose buds in the Municipal Rose Garden.


Discover the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum and Planetarium, architecturally inspired by the Temple of Amon at Karnak. The museum houses the largest collection of Egyptian artifacts on exhibit in western North America. We encourage you to take a tour with a docent to learn all about ancient Egyptian burial practices, the afterlife, gods, kings and pharaohs. From mummies to exhibits and a rock-cut tomb replica, rest assured you’ll be on a journey of discovery.


Local Favorites

Municipal Rose Garden

Municipal Rose Garden

Voted America's Best Rose Garden.

Avocado toast at Park Station Hashery

Park Station Hashery

A lunch and brunch menu you'll want to visit again! Try the chickpea fries!

Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum

Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum

Fun fact: It's architectually inspired by the Temple of Amon at Karnak.