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MJA Vineyards


The evolution of MJA has been an adventurous one. Our founder Marin John Artukovich comes from a long lineage of Croatian winemakers. Although he was the first generation of his family to be born in the US, Marin grew up immersed in the culture of traditional European wine making. He worked alongside his father in their family business and spent his free time surfing and playing professional beach volleyball. To no ones surprise, after years of hard work, Marin decided to follow his passions to Hawaii for retirement, where he quickly fell in love with the people and the land. Always the entrepreneur, he found that he had a talent for growing Kona coffee, and for over 20 years he has farmed the best Kona Coffee available. During the process of farming the land, and handcrafting from its bounty, the winemaker in him was awakened. In 2008, Marin purchased vineyards in NAPA and made his first barrel of MJA wine under the Serene Cellars label. In 2011, he purchased more land in the Santa Cruz Mountains, where our Davine Cellars wines are made. From Croatia to Hawaii, to Napa, to Santa Cruz…when you visit our tasting rooms or drink our wines, we swear you can taste the journey and feel the Aloha!

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328-A Ingalls Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95060