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Winchester Mystery House

Haunted San Jose

This Halloween explore some spooky spots in San Jose.



525 S Winchester Blvd, San Jose, CA

If you’re into ghosts, you’ve heard of the Winchester Mystery House. The mysterious mansion was once the home of Sarah Winchester, the widow of gun mogul William Winchester. It is thought that the ghosts of the victims of Winchester rifles haunt the house. The labyrinth-like manor consists of a vast amount of rooms, hallways, stairwells and doors leading to nowhere, possibly in place to confuse the spirits. After her death, it is believed that Sarah joined these spirits and haunts the estate.

15005 Mt Hamilton Rd, San Jose, CA

Sitting atop Mount Hamilton, Grandview Restaurant is a favorite for their delicious food and amazing view of the South Bay. The ghost of a young girl is rumored to be one of its most frequent guests. She has been spotted by diners and might be an explanation for flickering lights throughout the restaurant.

Quimby Rd, East San Jose, CA

You won’t want to go for a late-night jog on Quimby Road. The Quimby Road jogger has staked claim on this creepy road and has been spotted by those driving through. Try to catch a glimpse before he disappears into the hills.

21747 Bertram Rd, San Jose, CA

La Forêt is one of San Jose’s oldest restaurants sitting next to the Almaden Quicksilver Mines. The first two-story hotel in California was known to house quicksilver miners during the California Gold Rush, then operated as a boarding house before becoming a restaurant in the ‘30s. La Forêt’s historic feel can provide a spooky environment for potential spiritual encounters.

Hick’s Rd, San Jose, CA

Though not explicitly haunted, the popular urban legend of Hick’s Road suggests that an angry albino colony, witches and recluses, scare off trespassers down the road.



4000 Lafayette St, Santa Clara, CA

Once one of the most popular abandoned sites in the South Bay, Agnews Developmental Center fell victim to The Great Earthquake of 1906. The hospital for the mentally unwell wasn’t the only loss – hundreds of patients, doctors and nurses were taken with the building and have haunted the area ever since. The area has piqued the interest of fans of the paranormal and notable Bay Area punk band Green Day filmed their popular music video for Basket Case at the hospital. After several attempts to maintain the building, it shut down for good in 2008. The site is in the process of demolition and will be the home of 3 new schools, but there is no doubt that spirits will continue to lurk the area.

Marsh Rd, Milpitas, CA

Milpitas High School’s unfortunate claim to fame and the inspiration for Hollywood movie River’s Edge, Marsh Road is home to the ghost of murder victim Marcy Conrad. Killed by her boyfriend and left as a spectacle for other high school students, Marcy is rumored to haunt the bridge that she was left under.

465 Mystery Spot Rd, Santa Cruz, CA

A favorite amongst tourist and locals alike, the Santa Cruz Mystery Spot is a confusing set of optical illusions in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Different elements of the Mystery Spot seem unreal, explained by tour guides as a result of gravitational and magnetic anomalies, but many insist that there are supernatural explanations for many of its features.