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Overfelt Gardens & Chinese Cultural Garden


Find tranquility and serenity at Overfelt Gardens Park, home to the Chinese Cultural Garden. The Chinese Cultural Garden is a feature of Overfelt Gardens Park and was inspired in 1971 by Frank and Pauline Lowe. 

32-acres of winding paths circle around three ponds, a beautiful fragrance garden, wildlife sanctuary, picnic area, and Mildred Overfelt's old dairy farmhouse. Grab a book at the Educational Park Branch Library at the park's edge and read at one of the many benches situated throughout the park. Find the Friendship Gate and stroll past the large statue of Confucius or enter the stately pavilions as the sounds of San Jose fade away and an ancient time and civilization pervades. Secluded, clean, peaceful, and full of history, one can find a sense of peace and a spirit of zen.

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368 Educational Park Drive
San Jose, California 95133