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Summoning influence from the diverse culinary melting pot known as Singapore, Straits captures the stunningly fragrant flavors of Malaysian, Indonesian, Chinese, Indian and Nonya cuisine. Complex in aroma and diversity, these dishes are inspired by the ingredients and tastes of the region while flawlessly executed and presented.

Straits restaurants focus on impeccably delectable dishes that are encouraged to be shared. Discover sophisticated continental Asian fusion prepared with a passion to delight palates while uniting the flavors and spirit of the hometown of Chef Chris Yeo. Experience creativity and culinary expertise on an unrivaled journey to the metropolis known as The Lion City. Hosting a chic, contemporary atmosphere, Straits offers an exquisite dining environment that perfectly pairs with the exotic cuisine it serves.

  • Straits food
  • Straits food


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333 Santana Row
San Jose, California 95128