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Lunar New Year

Good Fortune and Health in San Jose

San Jose knows how to celebrate the Lunar New Year. Whether you call it Tet (Vietnamese), Chinese New Year (Chinese) or Seollal (Korean), our diverse Asian communities welcome the positive blessings of the New Year with festive food, family gatherings, musical performances and of course, red envelopes!

Year of the Dragon

Lunar New Year

The 2024 Lunar New Year officially starts on Saturday, February 10th. This year marks the era of the Wood Dragon, the 5th animal in the 12-cycle Chinese Zodiac. Dragons symbolize power, nobility, honor, luck and success. Those who are born on Dragon years are known to have natural courage, tenacity, intelligence and come off enthusiastic and confident.  

Find Your Luck in Little Saigon


Grand Century Mall

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Vietnam Town

Lunar New Year Celebrations

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